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Germany... it's the country that embodies the economic power of Europe; punctuality along with friendly citizens, a genuine desire for order and a talent for producing the best beers and the most reliable cars. Germany is also where the world's biggest beer festival began: Oktoberfest. The country that can combine history and conservative style with the cosmopolitan avant-garde. It is the country of megacities like Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt, of quiet and relaxing landscapes like the Wadden Sea and the Alps.

Germany is the birthplace of such classical music composers as Beethoven, Bach and Wagner and such rock stars as Rammstein, Scorpions and Tokio Hotel. Germany is an country of real contrasts: from wooden houses in tiny German villages, monasteries and Gothic churches in the mountains to royal palaces and castles, modern bridges and creative museums.


People say that Berlin is lovely regardless of the season. Forget the grey Berlin of the past and say hello to Modern Berlin that breathes creativity through design and architecture. In Berlin, the bars and clubs never sleep. That doesn't let you escape from sites like graffiti by Blu, the Berlin Zoo, the Blue Man Group - a prestigious light and sound spectacle, Potsdamer Platz - the open-air Architectural project and of course Alexaderplatz.

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Like the rest of Germany, Stuttgart is a city of contrasts and extremes: it is home to Wilhelm Hegel, one of the most influential philosophers in the history of humanity, but also home to the German automotive industry. It is in Stuttgart that you can find the Porsche Museum; Delugan Meissi's iconic project, which is a geometric structure showcasing the entire history of the Porsche brand from the very beginning right up to today. The oldest car manufacturer in the world, Mercedes-Benz also has its Museum in Stuttgart. The building represents the layering of the three round leaves of a clover.

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The economic capital of Germany. With more than 72 skyscrapers, it is known as the New York of Europe and is the city of businesses and banks. Frankfurt's Twin Towers are home to the head office of Deutsche Bank. It is the city of minimalism and abundant sophistication. To get a proper feel for the spirit of such a modern city it is essential to visit the Galeria Kaufhof terrace, the wonderful Stadel gallery and the charming Kleinmarkthalle market. When you are in Frankfurt, don't forget to try Apfelwein, the local artisan cider.

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Dusseldorf is the perfect city for a short weekend getaway. In the 20th century this city was home to many contemporary German artists. For its rich gastronomy, green spaces, infrastructure developed by business, Düsseldorf is famous for being the best city for family living. Modern Düsseldorf is the result of the work of Frank Gehry, the famous Canadian architect. The leaning towers, also called The Twisted Houses, are a reflection of Gehry's talent and the symbol of Düsseldorf.

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