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Galicia boasts being one of the most picturesque regions of Spain. It has absolutely everything to enjoy tourism there: the Atlantic Coast with wide beaches, mountainous regions, forests, meadows, waterfalls, fields and numerous rivers, a historic and artistic heritage and an authentic maritime character that is embodied in its local cuisine.

Galicia’s “must visit” places

  • Contemplate the beauty of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela - the temple with the tomb of St. James and one of the world’s main pilgrimage sites.
  • The Galician Centre of Contemporary Art is in Santiago de Compostela and is a work of art in itself with its architectural structure built by Alvaro Siza.
  • Take a walk through the Old Town of Santiago, which offers perfect harmony between different styles: Roman, Gothic and Baroque: the Rajoy Palace, Reyes Católicos Hostal, San Martín Pinario Monastery and the Plaza de Abastos.

catedral santiago

  • Visit Vigo. Tour Vigo in 3 days and immerse yourself in its ancient streets full of life, shops with local handicrafts, Albariño bars and restaurants with the freshest seafood. In addition, the Ría de Vigo is the greatest treasure of the city.
  • Spend the day on the Cíes Islands. In 2002 these islands were proclaimed a National Park for their seabeds, exceptional wildlife and vegetation. On the 7 km hiking trail the summit of Monte Faro offers amazing views over the Atlantic. In addition, for all those who love diving, the Cíes Islands are a must.
  • Discover Pontevedra, a city with a nautical past famous for its Rías Baixas and wonderful scenery.

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Galicia’s “must eat” food

  • Churrasco, Galicia’s traditional dish consisting of beef or pork and served with potatoes and a spicy sauce.
  • Padrón peppers come from the Galician province of La Coruna and are served fried in a pan and seasoned with coarse-grain salt.
  • Tetilla cheese with a mild flavour and creamy texture made from cow's milk.
  • Galician octopus, the star of Galician cuisine. Served with potatoes.
  • Para el desayuno perfecto o para picar durante el día, por supuesto, empanadas gallegas. En Galicia la variedad será sin límites: de carne, mejillones, atún, bacalao, pulpo, zamburiñas, calamares o vegetales.

empanada galelga

  • Cea bread made in the area in the province of Orense.
  • For the perfect breakfast or a snack during the day, of course, Galician pies. In Galicia the variety is endless: meat, mussels, tuna, cod, octopus, scallops, squid or vegetables.
  • For dessert, Santiago Tart prepared with almonds, egg and sugar.
  • And to drink: Ribeiro and Albariño - two of Galicia’s most historic white wines which accompany seafood dishes perfectly. For something stronger - coffee liqueur, derived from the local liquor, aguardiente.

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