Holidays in Asturias

Fly to Oviedo

Asturias is the perfect place to have a rural getaway and enjoy the green nature and mountains and beaches of the Cantabrian coast. Asturias is full of charms and wonders. Sometimes it seems that the small villages in the mountains and on the coast were frozen in time and still retain their customs and traditions.

If you are looking for beaches in Asturias, you are going to…

  • Playa de Xivares/Peña María is a 800m long white sand beach.
  • Playa de Serantes y Sarello with fine golden sand. It is a very homely beach with dunes that attracts diving lovers’ attention.
  • Beach of stones and rocks at Portizuelo. It is said it was the favourite site of inspiration of the Nobel Prize winner from Asturias, Severo Ochoa.

asturias playa

If you are looking for the best hiking trails…

  • If you cycle, there is nothing better than la Senda del Oso. This route is “Y” shaped and is divided into two parts: Tuñon - Ricabo with a distance of 30km and Tuñon - Cueva Huerta, 18.3km.
  • Among the coastal routes, we can highlight the 15km route of San Antolín-Playa de Guadamía through the county of Llanes, and Arenal de Morís - Playa de la Griega which crosses the beach promenade of La Espasa.
  • For those who enjoy the mountains, the best is Pico Zorro which is part of the Cantabrian Mountains with a climb of 7.9km and Torrecerredo peak with a climb of 13.1km whose summit is crowned with an image of the Virgin of Covadonga and a trig point.

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If you are looking for protected natural areas

  • Picos de Europa National Park: limestone, ice landscape, crystal clear waters of the mountain streams. The park is located in the Cantabrian Mountains and contains the Covadonga Cave, a pilgrimage destination for people from all over the world.
  • Sidrón Cave in the municipality of Piloña. It is a cave of non-carboniferous limestones. It hosts more than five species of bats.
  • Cabo Peñas, which is on the coast between Gijón and Avilés. Its cliffs are 100 metres high and offer views of incredible beauty of the Cantabrian Sea.

parque protegido Asturias

If you are looking for cultural tourism …

  • Oviedo Cathedral. A Gothic temple where the Asturian treasures and relics are preserved. In Oviedo, there is also the Church of Santa María de Naranco from the years 718-925 and the Campoamor Theatre where the Princess of Asturias Awards are given.
  • The Basilica of Covadonga near the Covadonga Lakes, which is the symbol of Asturias. The town of Cudillero famous for its Amphitheatre and the historic town of Avilés.
  • Visit the fishing neighbourhood of Cimadevilla and the Jovellanos Theatre in Gijón.

catedral de Oviedo

And if you want to eat well you must try…

The Asturian bean stew with chorizo, blood sausage and bacon is a must. It is also worth mentioning the cachopo, which are beef fillets stuffed with ham and cheese, breaded and fried, and pixín, which is the name given in Asturias to monkfish served fried, with a sauce and rice. For desert, casadielles – a fried patty with walnuts, hazelnuts and sugar.

Flights to Asturias

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