For Residents of the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands. How to get your resident discount when booking on 

You can indicate this during the initial purchase process on our homepage by marking the "Are you a resident and/or a Large family?" option or once you reach the Availability screen, when selecting your flight, in the upper section of the screen under discounts, you will see the message "Are you a resident and/or a Large family?" You must tick the box to confirm.

Further along, on the  Passenger information screen, you will be asked to fill in the information required to secure the resident discount (type of document and city/region of residence).

In order to apply the resident discount on our website, all passengers travelling under the same booking reference must be entitled to the discount (be citizens of Spain, of another European Union member state or a country adhered to the European Economic Area Agreement - currently Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, or of Switzerland; evidence that they are residents of the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands; and travel between the place of residency and any destination within Spain). If any of the passengers travelling under the same booking reference is not a resident of one of the aforementioned areas, that person must make a separate booking.

In order to evidence residency in any of these non-mainland areas to which the discount applies (both for Spanish citizens and citizens of the European Economic Area or of Switzerland), the passenger must show a residency certificate issued by the city council under which they have registered (in the format foreseen in Royal Decree 1316/2001).

This certificate is valid for six months from the date of issue.

Specific documentation required or residents of these areas is as follows:

  • Spanish citizens: Certificate of residency issued by the corresponding city council, along with the passenger's national identity document (nb: the identity document alone is not sufficient to evidence residency).  Spanish citizens under 14 years of age who do not have a national identity document need only show the residency certificate issued by the corresponding city council.
  • Citizens of Member States of the European Union and of other states that have signed up to the Agreement on the European Economic Area and of Switzerland. The above certificate and national identification or current passport.
  • Members of parliament: Official letter from the corresponding parliamentary body (Congress of Deputies or Senate) stating the full name, national identity document number, and constituency of the parliamentarian.


Residents of Ceuta:

  • The discount for residence in Ceuta is not applied directly on To obtain this benefit you must complete your booking through the telephone bookings service.
  • To apply the resident's discount it is necessary that all passengers on the booking are entitled to the resident's discount, that is to say that they are citizens of Spain, of other European Union Member States or of other States that have signed up to the Agreement on the European Economic Area (at present Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) or Switzerland.
  • Remember that you must provide documentary evidence of residence in Ceuta , and the discount shall be applied exclusively for flights with departure or arrival in the airports of Málaga, Jerez or Seville and to/from any other part of the national territory (Spain). If any of the passengers are non-resident, they must make a separate registration.

familia residentes

  • The valid documentation to prove residence  in non-peninsular territories (both for Spanish citizens and those of the European Economic Area and Switzerland), is the Residency Certificate issued by the Local Authority where the passenger is registered as a resident.


***For tickets issues with resident's discount on the Express fare, the first piece of checked luggage will be charged at 50% of the normal price. You can claim this discount when you check in online.

In accordance with Additional Provision 13 of General Budget Law 17/2012 of 2013, Spanish citizens, or citizens of other EU Member States or countries signed up to the Agreement on the European Economic Area or Switzerland, and their family members who are third country citizens and who hold valid residency or permanent residency rights, along with third-country citizens who are long-term residents, providing they can present evidence of their status as residents in the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta, shall be entitled, on an indefinite basis, to discounts on regular air and maritime passenger transport services.