Remember, if you require special request services during your flight, you must book them 48 hours in advance.

All Iberia Express planes have a limited number of special seats for passengers in wheel chairs. Civil aviation regulations limit the number of mobility-impaired passengers on a single flight, based on the type of disability and other circumstances. In order to ensure that we have the necessary resources on hand to correctly provide our services, special assistance must be requested at least 48 hours before departure. Therefore, we recommend you make your booking as early as possible.

Requesting special services

When booking your flight, please give a detailed description of your disability or the special assistance you require during your journey. Our bookings personnel and medical staff will work together to provide you with all the information you require, reserve the most appropriate seat for your personal circumstances and make sure the necessary services are available.

Additionally and optionally, valid exclusively for assistance at Spanish airports Aena network via phone: 902 404 704 or web: www.aena.es

At the airport

At the airport, you must go to one of the contact points, where passenger services personnel will take you to the check-in counters.As a general rule we recommend that you arrive at the airport two hours in advance of the departure of the flight.

For any questions call Customer Service.

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