Expectant mothers, infants and children

Expectant mothers

The IATA recommends that pregnant women do not fly from the 36th week of pregnancy (32nd in the case of multiple pregnancy with no prior complications).

It is necessary to present a medical certificate, issued in the last 7 days prior to the date of the flight:

  • From the 36th week of pregnancy or if the due date is in less than 4 weeks.
  • If, from the information, it results that the pregnancy suffers some alteration with regard to normal development, or the delivery date is not known, or some complications are expected in delivery or in the case of previous multiple pregnancies.

Air travel is not recommended for:

  • Women in the 7 days prior and 7 days subsequent to giving birth.

expectant mothers


Air transport is not recommended for newborn infants in good health and not born prematurely, in the 7 days subsequent to their birth. Please bear in mind that:

  • Changes in cabin pressure can cause infants pain and painkillers may be required.
  • Infants are susceptible to dehydration and therefore must be kept well hydrated before and during flights.

Infants (under 2) (code "INF")

Infants under 2 years of age travelling on their parent's lap can fly at only 10% of the adult fare. Infants under 2 occupying their own seat are subject to the same conditions as for children aged between 2 and 11. In this case, please bear in mind that safety regulations require you to provide an approved car seat for the infant.

If your infant will turn 2 during the journey, you must purchase a child ticket for the entire trip.

If you bring your own pushchair, you may either keep the pushchair with you until you board the aircraft, or check it along with the rest of your luggage. If you take your pushchair to the aircraft entrance, it will taken by the cabin crew, placed in the hold and given back to you at the aircraft door on arrival.

If you check the pushchair as hold baggage, you may collect it with the rest of your baggage from the carousels in the arrivals hall.


One adult travelling with two infants (under age 2)

An adult may travel with 2 infants on the condition that one of them is older than 18 months and travels in a car seat approved for cars and paying for a seat to place it on. The other infant (younger than 2 years) can travel on an adult's lap with an infant's belt. The adult must book two seats so that the infant older than eighteen months can sit in their car seat placed on their seat throughout the flight.The fare for the infant in the car seat will be the same as for a child between age 2 and 11.

Children between 2 and 11

For domestic flights, children between 2 and 11 travel at 50 % of the full adult fare (i.e., without restrictions). For reduced fares, a percentage discount will be applied on the basis of the fare chosen. For international flights, the percentage discount will vary depending on the destination and the fare applied. These discounts cannot be applied to certain special offers.

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