Unaccompanied minors

Who is considered to be a minor?

We consider that everyone under the age of eighteen on the date of the flight to be a minor. For the purpose of fares, these are applied depending on the age bracket that the passenger falls into:

  • From 0 to 2 years at the time of completing the journey (INF): They pay 10% of the fare and do not occupy a seat. They have the same baggage allowance as an adult and they can additionally take a foldable pushchair/buggy or a car seat.
  • From 2 to 12 years at the time of completing the journey (CHD): They pay 50% of the fare on domestic flights with a complete fare (meaning without restrictions). With reduced fares, a percentage will be applied depending on the fare chosen. With some special offers no discount will be applied. They occupy a seat on the plane and are granted the same baggage allowance as the adult accompanying them. For them to be able to travel alone, you should always hire our Escort Service.
  • From 12 years onwards (ADT): Adult fares are applied and, although they can travel alone with us, we offer an Escort Service.


There are two special destinations for the escorting of minors.


Cost of service per journey

This service is only offered on flights operated by Iberia Express.

Payment will be taken when we return your phone call. You will receive a phone call from us responding to your request. This service is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Save time by printing our Escort Service form and you will be able to hand the completed version to us at the airport: Compulsory Liability Disclaimer.

Domestic flights (excluding Canary Islands)To Europe and Canary Islands
40€ 65€

Cost of the service for flights with transit (via Madrid)

With a National/National connectionWith a National/European connection
65€ 90€

*Except London-Madrid where the cost will be 125 USD.


The Escort Service for minors can be requested at the same time as the booking and will be charged with the issuance of the ticket unless it is later requested as an additional service. In this last case the ticket will be reissued to adjust the fare to the requested service. Moreover, different taxes, charges and fees may apply, in accordance with legislation in each country.


  • Book at least 24 hours before the journey begins.
  • Arrive at the airport with sufficient time so that all of the necessary documentation can be completed.
  • Do not leave the airport grounds until you have confirmation that the flight has taken off.
  • Last of all, for the purpose of air travel, only passengers aged 16 years and over will be considered as adults to be able to accompany a minor.

Fill in the following form to request this service.


Contact Telephone No.

We'll call you as soon as possible upon receiving your request. Leave us your landline or mobile telephone number so we can get in contact with you.


If you already have your ticket issued and would like to request the service, enter your Booking Reference. Otherwise, proceed to the next block.

Passenger Details

Enter the details of the minor who requires the service.

Departure details

Enter the contact details of the person who'll drop off the minor at the point of departure. If you want to receive our information message (SMS), make sure you provide us with a mobile phone number (available for flights departing from Madrid).

Destination details

Enter the contact details of the person who'll collect the minor at the destination.

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