Large families

The large family discount is applied directly when booking on Simply tick your particular category and apply the discount code when purchasing your tickets.

  • Large family (general): 5% discount
  • Large family (special): 10% discount

The discount must be expressly requested by the passenger, and will apply to regular domestic flights issued in Spain and to all domestic routes.

The discount will be applied against the amount shown on the ticket, except for in the case of Business class fares, where the discount is limited to the amount corresponding to a complete economy fare package ticket.If a passenger is entitled to both a resident discount and a large family discount, both discounts will apply.Large family discounts may not be applied retroactively.

volar familia numerosa

The discount may also be applied against ticket issuing fees, with the same maximum limits as applied for the resident discount. In order to apply the large family discount, all passengers travelling under the booking must be entitled to the discount. If any of the passengers travelling under the same booking reference is unable to certify that they are entitled to the discount, that person must make a separate booking.

Remember: You are required to certify that you are entitled to the large family discount. Large family status must be accredited through an official large-family certificate or an equivalent personal document, currently in force and issued by the corresponding regional government. The certificate must be valid throughout the duration of the trip. Please keep the certificate with you at all times, given that you must present it at check-in and when boarding. Iberia Express will deny boarding to passengers holding tickets with large family discounts if they are unable to certify large family status.

The discount only applies to flights departing from or arriving at airports in Spain.