Our fares

With Iberia Express you can opt for one of the following fares when purchasing your ticket. Check the conditions and services included in each fare when you make your booking.

 ExpressClassicFlexBusinessBusiness Flex
Avios positivo positivo positivo positivo positivo
Checked luggage No 1 piece 23 kg 1 piece 23 kg 2 pieces (23kg/ud) 2 pieces (23kg/ud)
Express Check-in
Seat selection Available, with additional charge (Additional charge for XL) (Business) (Business)
Flight change Available, with charge of 65€ Available, with charge of 45€ Available, with charge of 60€
Refund Available, with charge of 60€ Available. with charge of 90€
Space reserved for your hand luggage
The best gastronomic offering, designed for every situation
Access to VIP lounges
Separate check-in counter with priority before other passengers
VIP security control
Priority boarding
Priority Disembarkation
Priority Baggage Delivery
Newspapers on board


  • Short and Medium haul: passengers may always check 1 bag in the cabin.
  • Tickets issued with resident's discount in the Balearic and Canary Islands will have 1 piece of luggage of 23kg applicable at time of check-in (even if the fare does not include any luggage). More information on residents.
  • Avios: If you're an Iberia Plus, cardholder, you can earn Avios with every flight you make.
  • Hand luggage: Due to high passenger numbers on our flights and limited space in the overhead bins, your hand luggage might be checked in the hold at no additional cost. If you don't carry hand luggage and place your personal items under the seat in front of you, you can board before passengers with hand luggage. We thank you for your cooperation, which helps us to get you to your destination on time. You can see all the information about hand luggage in the section passenger information.
  • Checked luggage: This type of luggage is stored in the aircraft hold and must be dropped at the corresponding Iberia check-in desks. Check-in desks close 45 minutes before flight departure. The sum of length+width+height of each items of checked luggage must not exceed 158cm including straps, pocket and wheels (except for exceptional cases of special baggage). The allowed weight included is up to 23kg. You can see all the information on checked luggage in the section passenger information.
  • Seat selection: For greater comfort on board, and so that you can make sure you fly alongside your family and travel companions, Iberia Express offers all passengers the possibility of choosing their seat earlier. See conditions here, based on the category of ticket you have purchased. You can see all the conditions for your seat in the section passenger information.
  • Express Check-in: From the moment you buy your ticket up to 2 hours before departure, you can check in online and confirm your seat. You can see all the conditions in the section passenger information.
  • Change of Flight: With all fare packs it is possible to change the date of your flight prior to departure. You must maintain the came category of ticket or, if the same category is not available, any change must be to a higher fare, and the difference in price, plus the corresponding administration fees, must be paid.
  • Refund: With Flex and Business packs it is possible to cancel and refund your flight prior to departure.
  • Priority Disembarkation: you'll be one of the first to leave the plane at your destination.
  • Priority Baggage Delivery: your checked baggage will be among the first to appear on the carousel.
  • Newspapers on board: Iberia Express passengers aboard have national and international publications and the Ronda Iberia magazine at their disposal.


*** In the case of flights to Copenhagen, Santiago de Compostela, Bordeaux and Manchester all passengers travelling on these routes in Business Class will be able to enjoy any food from the menu for free.

To improve the experience and satisfaction of all passengers, those passengers not carrying hand luggage that occupies space in the overhead compartment shall have priority boarding after Business passengers, those with priority boarding and families with children. On certain flights with high levels of occupation and where cabin space is at a premium, hand luggage may travel in the hold at no additional cost to the passenger.