Automated check-in machines

Get your boarding pass without the wait

Hassles are a thing of the past. Save time at our automated kiosks.

Check-in made fast and simple

Enter your name or booking reference and follow the instructions on the screen.

Select your seat if you didn't do so while booking and print your boarding passes.

Use the kiosk for any Iberia Express destination, except for those that require passport checks or additional immigration or security related procedures.

If you need to check-in luggage, remember to arrive at the check-in desks at least 45 minutes prior to departure.

If you are departing from Madrid-Barajas Airport and wish to check-in luggage, you can do so at our exclusive check in/check bags kiosks located in the departure hall:

Print your boarding passes and luggage tags at the check in/check bags kiosks.

Hand your baggage over at counters 813-814, 817-818 / 823-824 or 827-828. These counters are also available for bag drop for passengers who checked in online.

Head straight to your boarding gate.

For electronic tickets purchased on, the automated check-in kiosks will ask you to insert the credit card you used to purchase the ticket(s). You won’t have to do if you entered your Iberia Plus Platinum, Gold or Silver card number when booking on