Arrive on time

Passengers must check in, check their baggage and arrive at the boarding gate at a specified time prior to departure (as indicated on your ticket)

Check in up to 45 minutes before departure

Iberia Express closes its check-in counters 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time. For flights leaving from Terminal T4S at Madrid-Barajas Airport check-in counters close 55 minutes prior to departure.

IMPORTANT: Extra time for hand baggage security checks

Passengers who are travelling without checked baggage and who already have a boarding pass for a flight to a destination within Spain, the European Union or the Schengen area may arrive half an hour before departure at any Iberia Express counter in the terminal (boarding gate, check-in counter or information desk). Business class passengers may also check-in at the VIP lounges.

So that your journey can begin as quickly and conveniently as possible, passengers may make use of the Iberia Express automated check-in kiosks, available at all major Spanish airports.

IMPORTANT: Extra time for hand baggage security checks

Board on time

After checking-in, all Iberia Express passengers (with or without checked baggage) must arrive at the boarding gate at least 20 minutes prior to departure.


Make sure your travel documents are with you and up to date: your national identity document and/or passport for flights to/from European Union countries; your passport and visa for other destinations and countries.

Your luggage must comply with our baggage allowance guidelines.

Check-in and boarding times are calculated to allow us to complete all required duties prior to departure.

Passengers who do not clear security and arrive at the gate on time will not be allowed to board the flight. We cannot be held accountable if passengers are not allowed to board for this reason.

Flights cannot be delayed due to the failure of passengers to arrive on time. Should passengers arrive late, we are entitled to enforce our "no show" policy and fees.