Avios on Iberia Express

Frequently asked questions about Iberia Express frequent flyer programme:

1. Does Iberia Express have its own frequent flyer programme?
No, but your flights on Iberia Express will earn you Avios points under the Iberia Plus programme. In addition, you can use Iberia Plus Avios points to fly with Iberia Express.

2. How can I earn Avios points on Iberia Express flights?
When you purchase an Iberia Express flight or during check-in, make sure to provide your Iberia Plus number and you will automatically earn Avios points.

3. How many Avios points will I earn with my flights? How many Avios points do I need for award flights?
Earning points and award travel conditions are the same as for Iberia flights. Learn more here .

4. How can I buy a ticket using Avios?
To exchange your Avios points for Iberia Express flights, please visit www.iberia.com.Follow the on-screen prompts and select the Iberia Express flight you wish to use your Avios points on.

5. I don't currently have an Iberia Plus card. How can I become a member?
To sign up for the Iberia Plus programme,  click here and start reaping your rewards. For any further questions, please visit the Iberia Plus section on Iberia's website.

Thank you for flying with us!