Visit Vigo and do not miss anything

Things to see

Vigo is a perfect for a weekend (or long weekend) get-away. The tranquillity of this old and historical city complements the gorgeous scenery. The origins of the city date back to a Castro village, the remains of which can be found on Monte O Castro, where you can also take in the best views of Vigo's estuary. On your way down the mountain, explore the historical quarter (Calle Pescadería, dubbed Calle de las Ostras/Oyster Street) and sample the freshest oysters around.

The estuary

Vigo's estuary ("La ría") is the city's pride and joy, and the focal point of its centuries-long history. This is the southernmost estuary of all the Rías Bajas, and the deepest in all of Galicia, making the Vigo port one of the largest in all of Europe. The waters are dotted with long-bottomed boats used to culture mussels.

The Cíes Islands

Now declared a nature reserve, the beautiful and unique Cíes Islands are well-deserving of their nickname, the "islands of the gods". The three islands are home to nine heavenly beaches, including the Rodas beach, which was cited as the best beach in the world by the UK journal The Guardian. The Rodas beach, more than half a mile long and 200 feet wide, connects two of the three islands, Monte Agudo and Faro. The Cíes Islands can only be visited during Easter and in the summer.