Visit Sardinia and do not miss anything

Don't miss...

If you fly to Sardinia you must of course see Cagliari, the ancient capital located on the marvellous Golfo deli Angeli (Gulf of Angels).It is a city famous for having the best beaches, joyful street life and an enormous wealth of historic sites to see. The jewel of Cagliari is the 2nd century Roman amphitheatre where bloody gladiator fights once take place. It is said that the most beautiful beach in the capital is Poetto, at 11km in length.

What to do?

Sardinia is the place to go if you want to see picturesque Italian villages. Each village is characterised by multicoloured houses and ancient churches. The mountain villages of Sant’Andrea, Pelchia Manna and Pelchia Minori are recommendable. We also advise a swim in Li Cossi, a pink granite cove on the Costa Paradiso. If you want to dive then travel to Tavolara Island and discover the richness of the Mediterranean Sea.

What to eat?

Enjoy the Sardinian gastronomy and try the culurgiones, a type of pasta similar to ravioli. It is normally filled with ricotta, swiss chard and greens. Malloreddus, a type of small gnocchi, are one of the most typical dishes in Sardinia, full of fresh sausage, tomato and sheep's cheese. To wash it all down don't forget to have a shot of mirto, a Sardinian pomace brandy. For the aperitif, relax on a terrace with a spritz!