Visit Santiago de Compostela and do not miss anything

Things to see

Both the religious and the cultural sights of Santiago de Compostela, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are best explored on foot. With its Medieval flavour, monuments, palaces and plazas, Santiago is a world-class tourism destination. As a university city as well, it has interesting shopping areas and a vibrant night life. Start out in the streets and squares of the historic quarter, then visit the city's striking Cathedral.

The Cathedral

Santiago's Cathedral is Spain's most striking example of Romanesque art, as well as the final stopping place on the Way of St. James pilgrimage (Camino de Santiago). Enter the Cathedral through the Pórtico de la Gloria, a three-arch portico (one for each nave of the church) featuring over 200 granite figures. Inside the Cathedral, the main altar and the chapels boast great artistic and historical significance. For unforgettable bird's-eye views of the Cathedral interior from its upper storeys.


A visit to Galicia isn't complete without enjoying its spectacular cuisine. Try a few of the most typical small dishes, such as the pulpo á feira octopus dish, empanadas, large and small sardines (xoubas) and, of course, the famous Padrón peppers. For a larger meal, enjoy seafood in any number of traditional recipes, such as caldeirada. Come dessert time, there's nothing better than the Santiago almond cake.