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  • Castel Nuovo

    Constructed between 1279 and 1282, by Charles I of Anjou, it was originally conceived of as a fortress. Inside, only the Barons' Hall and the Palatine Chapel remain intact. First thing in the morning (before 9) we can enjoy a small flower market that gives us a taste of the traditional Naples.

  • Castel dell’Ovo

    Situated on the island of Magaride, this castle was used as a summer residence in Roman times. In fact, the last Emperor, Romulus Augustus, spent his final days here. It was destroyed and rebuilt on numerous occasions, most recently by the Aragonese. Today it houses many congresses, conferences and other professional events.

  • Pompeii and Herculaneum

    We cannot take a trip to Naples without visiting the most important archaeological excavations in all of Italy. The furtherest of these two sites, Pompeii, is only 35 km from the city centre and Herculaneum only 14. As for their history, both cities were popular summer destinations for the Romans until they were buried under the ashes of the great volcanic eruption of Vesuvius in the year 79 AD. The excavations began in the 18th century and continue to this day. We recommend that you take comfortable footwear and a bottle of water, especially in summer.

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