Visit Nantes and do not miss anything

Les Machines de l'Île Gallery

Located in the former shipyards, the Machines of the Isles Gallery is one of the biggest attractions in Nantes. Giant animals and other incredible pieces abound in this warehouse for the enjoyment of visitors. The Great Elephant is the most emblematic work of the exhibition. Thanks to this marvellous piece of engineering, visitors can enjoy a different type of tour through the city, on the back of this beast. It is more than 12 metres high and weighing 40 tonnes.

The Château des ducs de Bretagne

Situated right in the heart of Nantes and one of the most visited sites in the city, its walls are an encyclopaedia of thousands of years of history. It is built of white stone and surrounded by a moat of clear water and a garden. It also features extensive defensive walls, for the function of repelling any siege of enemy troops, and numerous windows where archers would take up their place.

The Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul

Nantes Cathedral forms part of France's National Heritage and its 600 years of history mark the cultural past of the city. It is a construction of considerable dimensions, and occupies a significant space in the city. It's style is significantly different from other French churches; its façade draws attention for its simplicity and is flanked by two towers. This is in stark contrast to the style of its cupolas, which are exquisitely ornamented.