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  • The Cities


    Malta's capital, Valletta, is a small city but a must on any visit to the island. Its historic centre  takes us back to the times of the Knights of the Order of Malta, with a fortress that contains  most of the tourist attractions. A good starting point for the tour is the Port of Valletta, and  from there you can visit other places like the Palace of the Grand Master, the Fort Saint Elmo  or the cathedrals of St. John and St. Paul. Other interesting towns are Medina and Rabat, both  medieval cities that can be toured in one day. To get there you can take a ferry in the port of  Cirkewwa in the direction of the island of Gozo.

  • The Beaches


    Malta is known for having a rocky coast full of cliffs, but there are also sandy beaches open to  the public and with tourist services. If you like beaches with turquoise waters and grottoes we  especially recommend the Blue Grotto, a natural rock formation surrounded by blue sea. The  most peaceful seaside area is in Comino, the third island that makes up Malta. It has no urban  areas and is characterized by the Blue Lagoon, perfect for scuba diving or bathing..

  • The Ruins


    The island has a 7,000-year history, which has made Malta an archaeological benchmark.  These first megalithic temples include Haga Qim, Mnjadra, Ggantija and the Hypogeum. The  latter, for example, was discovered by chance in 1902 and has three levels, the first of which  uses caves at a depth of ten metres.

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