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  • The Palace of Westminster

    The Palace of Westminster is a Victorian Gothic building that houses the two chambers of the British Parliament. In 1834 a great fire devastated the complex, with only a small part of the original structure surviving. For its reconstruction, in the region of 97 projects were tendered and finally, in late 1847, the project was completed. The new construction included 1200 rooms, 11 courtyards and 3.5 kilometres of corridors. All those who make the effort to visit can enjoy a marvellous building with an imposing façade. Moreover, the palace features the adjoining Victoria Tower: a majestic tower that houses the archives of every law passed by Parliament since 1497. It also features one of the most recognised symbols of London: Big Ben. The Palace of Westminster can only be visited on Saturdays and exclusively in the summer months.

  • Westminster Abbey

    Westminster Abbey is the most famous and ancient of all of London's churches. It is the chosen location for Royal Coronations and also the burial place of monarchs and illustrious figures from British history. In recent times it has hosted the 80th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II and the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales. For these and many other reasons, the Abbey occupies a special place in the collective British consciousness. What's more, it is an icon of medieval London architecture and is worthy of a visit.

  • Buckingham Palace

    Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the British Royal Family in London and currently home to Queen Elizabeth II. Since its construction it as been extended and remodelled on many occasions. During the Second World War it was bombarded several times but, in true inspirational fashion, remained standing. Nevertheless, one such bombing did destroy the Royal Chapel in 1940. Visits are restricted to 8 weeks per year in the months of August and September. Its attraction is not all on the inside, however. Throughout the year, the Changing of the Guard takes place at the Palace Gates; a ritual that attracts thousands of curious onlookers.

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