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  • Things to see

    Fuerteventura, the second-largest island in the Canaries, boasts numerous sights and attractions. The capital, Puerto del Rosario, is perfect for a bit of shopping and dining on scrumptious cuisine, while the charm of villages such as Los Molinos and Pájara provide a pleasant change of pace. The highlight of Fuerteventura, however, is the landscape, dominated by the imposing Tindaya mountain, one of the symbols of the island and, according to local tradition, a source of magical powers. 

  • Betancuria

    Betancuria's sweet streets are striking against the desert backdrop. The founder, the Norman conqueror Jean de Bethencourt, decided to create the city in this strategic valley location to protect it from pirate attacks. The city's vegetation makes it a veritable desert oasis. Although there are no nearby beaches, the sights and feel of the city are more than enough to warrant a visit. And if you still have any doubt, have a meal here: after sampling the local goat's cheese, the papas arrugás or the famous Canaries Stew (puchero canario), you will certainly be glad you came. 

  • The beaches

    On a par with the Caribbean islands, and considered among the best in Europe, Fuerteventura's fine sand beaches bring to mind a windswept desertscape. One of the most popular beaches in Cofete, flanked by mountains and a perfect place to get away from it all. In the north, the beaches of Corralejo offer excellent tourism services for the entire family. On the Jandía peninsula, visit the picture-perfect Sotavento beach: 10 km long, with clear turquoise water. If you are a surf buff, head to the La Concha beach in El Cotillo. 

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