Visit Crete and do not miss anything

What to see on Crete

In addition to being the largest island in Greece, with more than 8,000 square kilometers of land full of contrasts and richness, Crete has a fine white sand beach (more than a thousand kilometers), and a sea of ​​crystalline color. Apart from its natural treasures, Crete smells of earth and sun, olive trees and fresh vegetables, raki and sea. It concentrates the ancient Minoan civilization. Proof of this and the subsequent culture are the Rethymnon fortress, the ancient mosques.


It is the most well-known aperitif on Crete and a must-try if you visit the island. It’s a combination of organic tomatoes and barley bread which is baked and seasoned with olive oil, oregano and Mizithra cheese. Long ago, this Cretan specialty was only enjoyed by the most humble classes. However, its popularity has crossed borders and classes and is currently eaten at any tavern on the island by tourists and residents alike.

The colours of Crete

As the largest island in Greece, it is a land full of contrasts and richness, a country with its own identity famous for its myths, legends and traditions. It has more than a thousand kilometers of white sand coast and beaches bathed by the Mediterranean. Crete also has a very hectic nightlife. After cultural visits and trips to the beach, there is a diverse range of bars, pubs and nightclubs. Most have avant-garde and retro decorations with a relaxing atmosphere.