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  • The pearl of Aquitaine

    Located in south-east France and known as the pearl of Aquitaine, this is France's fifth city. Bordeaux is dotted with interesting monuments and boasts a beautiful historic centre, but this fame is overdue. For many years it has been eclipsed by France's great cities. Indeed it is no coincidence that the city was known as the Sleeping Beauty, in reference to its seldom celebrated monuments. However, since 2007, and thanks to the recognition of the Port of the Moon as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city has begun to awaken from its slumber. 

  • La place de la bourse

    This is the symbol of Bordeaux par excellence and has been for centuries. The Place de la Bourse has been a key element in the city's boom, growing its reputation and increasing commerce.  It took no more and no less than 20 years to complete the square, back in the 18th century. Its construction marks the end of Medieval Bordeaux, enclosed within the city walls. 

  • Le miroir d'eau

    Despite its short history, the Water Mirror is one of the city's great tourist attractions. Located in front of the Place de la Bourse, the water mirror plays with the effects of reflection and mist. A magical place for adults and lots of fun for children, with all allowed to wet their feet with the small jets of water that emerge from the giant granite slab. Built in 2006, it has already been declared a contemporary World Heritage site.

    The rhythmic transformation of 2cm of water on a giant granite slap makes this magical place a permanent playground for children, with a romantic ambience for lovers and a refreshing oasis where you can dip your feet during hot weather.

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