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  • Gastronomy

    Hiking Asturias

    Cider and fabada, an Asturian bean stew, are the emblems of our region. The sensation of pouring cider is a unique experience that can only be enjoyed in Asturias. It can also be asserted, without a shadow of a doubt, that there is no other location on the planet where fabada tastes like it does here. But Asturias is not just about cider and fabada... Read more

  • Unesco World Heritage

    Gastronomy Asturias

    The mark that recognises the excellence of the cultural legacy of humanity is the appearance on the UNESCO World Heritage list. And Asturias has three relevant manifestations appearing in this distinguished selection, projecting beyond our borders the five caves of prehistoric Palaeolithic rock art: El Pindal, Tito Bustillo, Candamo, Covaciella and Llovín...Read more

  • Hiking

    Prehistoric and pre-romanesque

    Asturias has a third of its territory protected environmentally, for this reason, the traveller will come across intact landscapes of great beauty, in which six jewels stand out: the six Biosphere Reserves recognised by UNESCO. Picos de Europa, whose uniqueness, beauty and picturesque, natural and geological interest made it Spain's first National Park in 1918. The first Asturian biosphere reserve in the year 2000 was... Read more

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